Wednesday, February 1, 2017


The best and sweetest word any one said " Amma" ( Maa - Mom one can find a number of words for the same person.)

Hmm !
let me confess. She's awesome because she's the one who showed me the light of love.  She loved me with innocence even before she knew my gender - looks - color - name. She suffered a lot to keep me warm and happy for seven months before I even born.

What to say, when my wife was pregnant each and every day I was wondering how my mom has handled me in her belly? Was I responsive or not? If I am being responsive ! How do I react ? What she used to eat? Oh my god I have more than thousand questions about it.... But what to do, she's not here to answer my questions.... 

When I know I am going to be a father I almost reached top of our apartment and shouted, but my wife stopped me doing that, because it's early morning we got to know and it's a decent area no one should think I am a freak....

Before we know our family about to get bigger our daily schedule had 2 things in it ( me & she ) , sounds fun right let us see. We both work for the same company > We both will go and return home together > We cook together > even if we want to read the news paper? Ya we read same news at the same time..  We need some small thing from the market we go together, simply to say WE ROCK.

But once we know our family about to get bigger, our prospective has completely changed in a single day, no one can ever change or revert it for a life time. Each and every second of our time in and our of office we only talk about “IT” . ha ha I mean Krithi. We used to call the baby Gudduu if it’s a boy in our little talk and we call the baby Guddii if it’s a girl, how funny it is.

Hey, am I going somewhere from Amma  topic, Yes I just realised about it.

What I wanted to say is. How women will have that thought process which boys does not have. In that 9 months before KrithiKrisna born, I could completely understand how my mom would have felt when I was “IN”. I’ve got all the answers and I learned a lot of things in those 9 months, The best part is, every day > every hour > every situation, I used to think how my mom might have reacted in the good old days and what has changed, I could completely understand how caring my mom was and I say how caring my wife is.

I love you mom, thanks for giving me a wonderful life. All I realised after a long time is that the best place to play is in your arms,

To Mom -- Mom I knew your arms are made of tenderness and I love to sleep - to cry - to play- to smile- and to learn to call you Amma again in your love filled hugs. I love you Maa.

Rks chavali.


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