Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The longest journey......

I was waiting to post this today.......
What was I doing when my baby girl was about to born?

I was sleeping ! Well I was in Chennai, came back from office and taking a nap. I received a call at 12:30 PM saying; hey honey I'm going to hospital because there is no baby moment's for the last 4 hours.
Me: shell I start?
She: no need Honey! I am just going for a general check up.
Me: ooooookay call me if you need me to start!

Another call after half an hour! Hey honey I don't know what to do! 
I was like what? Happened!
Doctor's has decided that I must go through a surgery! Because they are no baby moment's after I had glucose and scan. Hmm, go for it and I am on my way!
Got a cab to Chittoor from Chennai, started at 1:45 but reached after 7 hours! Well my journey has become "The Due Date " !!......if you know what I mean..

Started at 1:45 > want to pick up Prasad at his office > by the time we reached his office it is 3:15 PM. He has not been able to make it immediately, so we are waiting. Got a call from my wife, where are you, have you been started yet. I explained everything, as Prasad yet to come, I have decided to take lunch.

I took lunch> he came > we started before I crossed 10km I have got a call from my wife's mother, saying my wife is in operation theater.

At 4:30 PM I have been told, we are blessed with a baby girl. 

Here is the fun part, doctor took a picture of my just born baby girl and sent it to me via WhatsApp, she gave the phone to my wife and she called me. We are so excited.
I am still in Chennai city. Still 150km to go. Haaa well as the Chennai city traffic is bad, and the driver has no idea about the route to Chittoor from Chennai, finally I got reached at the hospital to see my baby girl ..................................That's all about my longest journey!

We'll continue in ..The journey to the next stop..Till then,
Rks chavali.

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