Thursday, January 26, 2017

When I am holding my baby girl for the first time?

How/what do you feel.

Today Paddy asked what/how exactly do I feel when I am holding my baby girl for the first time?

That question made me think ! What I was thinking when I am holding my baby girl!

First thing I feel is how delicate she is, then I feel I became father! Well believe me or not  my entire thought process has changed in  fraction of a second's .... I felt different when I knew my thought process has changed, then I realized how my mom & dad used to think about us.

While I was in this realization period, some one asked what's the name  gona be? ..... Even though we selected Krithi Krishna, unknowingly I said we will think about it because that question is running inside my head & a wavering, will that name is good choice for my baby girl?

Later that time every one is sleeping in the hospital but me & my wife were talking nonstop the whole night, why? Because we were in a great excitement ! We've been thinking about that single moment for an year now, we don't know what we are expressing each other but we've discussed about baby's belly time, including first visit to doctor - confirmation - food habit's- what happened in 1,2,3..... Till 9th month, later she slept I spent whole night looking at my daughter.

One thing I realized for sure, I should look in to my past in different accepts before Krithi born & after Krithi born ! It's funny isn't it I felt the same, but I couldn't control my emotion!

I'll be back tomorrow with another annoying emotion.
Till then..
Rks chavali.

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